Thomas Ford

23 Smithfield Street


Tel: 020 7248 5868/9 | Fax: 020 7248 6330 | email:
Opening Hours: Shop 04:15-13:30 Monday to Friday | Admin: 08:30-14:00 Monday to Friday


Thomas Ford have been trading at Smithfield Meat Market since 1890!

Steve is the latest "Ford" to run this great family business - he joined the company in 1966.

With 120 years of experience, we know what you need! Just give us a call!

xxButchers' Machinery & Equipment

Burger Machines,  Burger Hand presses, Fly Killers, Mincers, Bandsaws, Sausage Fillers, Scales, Hard Wood Chopping boards, Maple Butcher's Chopping Blocks with Aluminum stands

TrayButchers' Trays

Stacking Trays, Plastic Window Trays, Plastic Red & Green Parsley Strips

xxButchers' Packaging

Boxed Titon Bags, Aluminium Foil, Carrier Bags, Cellophane sheets, Clear Polythene Bags, Cling Film, HD Counter Bags & Sheets, High Tensile Bags, Kraft Bags, Netting Twines, Strung Paper Bags, Vacuum Pack Bags, Wrapping Paper

xxButchers' Cleaning Equipment

Bleach, Detergent, Equal 2, Pine Disinfectant, Hard Surface cleaner, Squeegee, Mops, Black Refuse Bags, Stockinette

xxButchers' Clothing

Straw Boaters, White Coats, Butchers' Aprons, Blue Vinyl Gloves, White rubber boots, chain mail aprons & gloves, Disposable Snood Hats, Nylon Trilblys, Straw Boaters, Beard snoods

MRC Flavour GlazesButchers' Ingredients

MRC Flavour Glazes, TF Glazes, Sausage Casings:- Ripon Rusk Pinhead & Sheep Casings (Natural)

Thomas Ford
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